Xplore Sydney 2012

Performance Evening

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The Play Party

The Aristocracy of Desire



Unlike many of the play parties in Sydney, where the focus is almost always on hedonism and loud music, the Xplore play party is quieter and more experimental. The atmosphere is more like ritual, whose purpose is to make space for deeper physical and erotic experiences.

We wish to grow emotionally with our partner(s) and others. To do so, we create a space that inspires us to take risks we haven't taken before.

Sunday, 8th April

Doors open only between 10pm-11pm

After the doors will be shut to protect the atmosphere and so the participants can enter into deep play.

Ticket $30 only available as combined ticket together with a Xplore admission pass.

The Play Party is open  for registered Xplore participants only! Registration and payment beforehand is required. 

We strongly encourage playfulness, gracefulness and politeness.

Experience in BDSM is not required. However, it is likely that BDSM play will take place in the space. Nudity is also possible. Music is complex, experimental.

What to bring: play equipment, toys, rope, etc. BYO also possible.

Dress code: Fetish – Hyper Sexy – Deviant. Extravagant outfits and costumes.

Xplore Festival Sydney reserves the right to refuse entry.