Xplore Sydney 2012

Performance Evening

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The Workshops

Unless otherwise specified, no workshop requires nudity. For most workshops loose fitting, comfortable clothes are appropriate.

All workshops are learner-centred and for every-body. Even though some workshops may be quite physical, sexual contact as such is in no way required to participate and enjoy.

All activity at xplore will be safe, sane and consensual. 


Body-Mind Practices


Authentic Eros Annetta Luce USA
The Kissing Whip delta® Germany
Smell Taste Touch Dr. Peter B + delta® Australia/Germany
Rope for Fun Hajime Kinoko Japan
Holding Marina Kronkvist Finland
A Journey into Breath Marina Kronkvist Finland
We Thirst at First Marina Kronkvist Finland


Feasting the Body Annetta Luce USA
Being Bad Dr. Peter B Australia
Using Shibari for Therapeutic Purposes Hajime Kinoko Japan
Erotic Clowning Ian Tulloch Australia
Tantric Domination and Submission Jacqueline Hellyer Australia
Distal Loving and Techno Pleasuring Jodie McNeilly Australia
Beyond the Knot Mark & Lani DV8 Australia
Naked Partner Yoga Steve Australia
A Touch More Tantric Steve Australia
Open Relationships Tristan Taormino USA
Owning Your Desire - The Predator and the Slut Vanessa Florence Australia


Zen and the Alchemy of Blood and Sharp Objects AñA Wojak Australia
The Biting Whip delta® Germany
Shibari for Sex Hajime Kinoko Japan
Fellatio (for Men and Women) Jacqueline Hellyer Australia
Aging Mark & Aleni DV8 Australia
CBT: Torture on Men... Mistress Tokyo Australia
Erotic Trance Tony Yapp & Marina Kronkvist Australia/Finland
Anal Play Tristan Taormino USA
Female Ejaculation Tristan Taormino USA


Love-Art Practices

The Art of Stripping Annetta Luce USA
Full Body Orgasm Andrew Barnes Australia
Mental Bondage Butoh delta® Germany
The Last Taboo: Money Dr. Peter B Australia
The Bordello Dr. Peter B Australia
Sex and Drugs and Writing Dr. Sebastian Job Australia
Bondage Competition Hajime Kinoko Japan
The Art of Talking Dirty Mark & Aleni DV8 Australia
The Initiation: Latex and Rubber Mistress Tokyo Australia
Feminist Porn Tristan Taormino USA